Day 2 – St Dizier to Switzerland

Day 2 will be an early start with breakfast available from about 6am! In all seriousness though, we’ll advise you the night before of the best time to leave (once we confirm that the route is all open and there are no traffic issues) we’d expect to leave around 7:30.

Once you find your way out of the carpark we’ll head east on the N4 motorway for a while before turning south towards Epinal.

After Epinal we continue south. Now, if you were on the rally last year you’ll pass through a town you might recognise (although you may not know it as Google Street view no longer shows a sign on the road;)

Eventually we’ll wind our way down to the Swiss border, all being well you should get to the border early afternoon. From then on it’s a climb and a descent down to the lake at Neuchatel, followed by a scenic stretch of Swiss motorway.

The final section of the day will be navigating your way up to some fantastic Swiss ski resorts, then back down again before picking up the Motorway 8 for the final leg to our campsite.

If all has gone to plan, your support team will already be at the site and we’ll have someone posted at the gates to welcome you with a cold beer. Of course should you arrive first you will be expected to perform said duties!

After pitching your tent, head over to our catering area for more drinks and the BBQ. We’ll also tot up your team scores and brief you on the following days drive.


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