Day 1 – Northampton to St Dizier

Our adventure starts on Wednesday morning with a meet up for breakfast at Keyline’s HQ at Swan Valley in Northampton.

Aim to be at the start line for 8am (especially is you want a hot coffee and bacon butty!) You’ll get a detailed map with your final instructions the week before the rally.

At the start line you’ll have the chance to meet up with other ralliers and importantly your team captain. We’ll also be joined by members of the Keyline management team including MD Paul Beaman. There will also be representatives from Prostate Cancer UK and of course your organising team from SGR Marketing.

Rally Start line in 2018

We’ll carry out a check of your vehicle and travel documents to make sure you are all legal and there’ll be a collection for the beer and BBQ fund (20CHf per person please)

After some talks from Keyline & PCUK we’ll head off for Dover to catch our ferry. All being well we’ll have time to stop for some fast food lunch on the way down. The services on the M20 at J8 are a firm favourite of the support crew and it’s great place to meet up on the way down if you get separated.

At Dover follow the signs for the car ferry and choose the P&O lane. Usually they can check you in from you reg number but sometimes they will ask for you booking number. This can be found in your driver pack if you need it.

Keep to the right hand lane

We have organised for us to all be in the same boarding lane, this usually works out but don’t panic if you are directed to another lane. You may have time for a bathroom break and coffee before we board.

On board there’s a few shops and bars (make sure you decide who’s driving in France if you want a beer)

Once at Calais we’ll hit the motorway and head down to St Dizier. Take it easy to start with and remember to drive on the right!

There’s no prizes for being the first to the hotel, in fact if you get there before the support team you may have some work to do.

We’ve used the IBIS in St Dizier before, the staff are friendly and the bar well stocked. Dinner is in the adjoining restaurant after which we’ll give you a briefing for the following days drive.


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