Day 3 – Stelvio Pass

Day 3 will start with waking up in your tent at a beautiful lakeside campsite. It will be an early start but the good news is you can leave your tent and gear where it is as we’ll be camping in the same place again after the Stelvio.

After a spot of campsite breakfast, we’ll head East. There’s a good stretch of motorway to contend with but unlike a morning drive on the M25, this motorway has stunning views of Swiss lakes and mountains. There’s a rather unique toll road on the route (and quite an expensive one), there is however, an alternative route over a mountain if you are feeling adventurous. Both will be published in your driver packs.

Once in Italy it’s only a short drive until the Stelvio Pass starts.

After the Stelvio, we loop back to our campsite for another night under the stars and dreams of hairpin bends!

Some facts about the Stelvio:

Stelvio Pass(Passo dello Stelvio, Stilfser Joch) in Italy is one of the most famous driving roads in Europe, and indeed the world. It is the highest road in the Eastern Alps reaching 2,757m (9,000ft) above sea level, and is the second highest in the Alps. It’s been used in many a car programme but probably the most famous feature was on a Top Gear episode where they were seraching for driving heaven, and Jeremy Clarkson praised Davos to Stelvio as the greatest driving road… in the world

So why is it so great? Well, it’s in the mountains, there’s over 50 180 degree hairpin bends and it looks like this:


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  1. Simon M (Winchester) June 30, 2019 — 1:31 pm

    Well done all of you, looks like a great road trip, and an incredible amount of money raised for a good cause.
    Just bumped into some of you at Calais. I cycled up the Stelvio Pass the same day that you drove it! Hot wasn’t it!


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