It’s nearly time!

This time tomorrow we should all be fed and watered at out first stop, the Ibis hotel in St Dizier. Tomorrow’s drive will not be particularly scenic or interesting, the aim of the day is to get us past the more boring bits of Northern France ready for an epic days 2 & 3.

So, what to expect tomorrow. Northampton to Dover…M1, M25, M20…hummm.

Calais to St Dizier will be a little better but it is mainly motorway.

Once we get to the hotel, there are 2 sitting for dinner, 9 & 10 pm. It will be first arrive first served! At around 11 there will be a short safety briefing for the following day then off to bed…or back to the bar😁

Oh, and I forgot to say, everyone is pre checked in and your key cards should be laid out at reception for you. We have a mix of single, twin and double rooms so some of you will be lucky and will have a single or double to yourself but most will be in twins. Nick Blacklee will be there to assist ( you’ll get to know him as the nice chap on the motorbike)

See you all at 8 tomorrow morning!




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