Some more entries

Now we have Robin & Kelly from Keyline who will be driving FAB1 a 6 wheeled Rolls Royce…or is that a Golf in disguise…you decide. I think this is Robins 2nd rally and Kellys first and judging by the graphics Robin’s planning on doing all the driving!



Next is Clark-Drains entry. Back in the co-drivers seat this year is John Carter who joins Pippa and Steve. This trusty Mercedes has done the last 4 rallies. I once had the pleasure of putting a crowbar through one of its windows to stop the alarm going off at midnight, on a campsite. Something about JC locking the keys in the boot I seem to remember!

This years theme needs no explaining…I think it might be a bit warm in the sheepskin coat JC and that beard might get itchy Pippa!!;) Oh, and which front wheel is getting chopped off??


Final one for this blog is an update on Scott & Marks car (the Mercedes that was having some bodywork repairs in a previous blog) It’s now all stickered up a ready to go. Looks great guys!



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