Who’s who & What Car?

Here’s a look at who we’ve got on board for this year’s rally and the cars they’ve chosen. These are in no particular order and opinions are mine alone!

Team CPM – Mazda MX5. This will be the second outing on the rally for Mark Meekings who will this year be joined by newbie Martyn Turton of Marshalls. Hopefully, when choosing a new co-driver Mark has found someone under 6′ who will actually fit in the car!WhatsApp Image 2018-06-12 at 10.00.07

A whole new team next, Adam Franklin (Keyline) & John Pereira (Wavin). I’m not sure they know what they have let themselves in for yet…sorry JP no VIP facilities on this trip! They have also chosen a Mazda MX5 as their steed. And judging by the graphics it must have had some serious horsepower added to make that water run uphill (thanks for the spot Mr Beaman).WhatsApp Image 2018-06-07 at 08.07.52

And talking of Mr Beaman, here is his car of choice. Paul will be joined by Mark Hicks from Marshalls. The car, a Mercedes SLK really does look the part. On first glance you may think is a desert camo paint job but on closer inspection, it’s actually covered in gold bars! I reckon this will look really bling in the sunshine.


Another pair of Newbies (or is that Newbs?) and the second of the 9 Mercedes’ entered this year. This time its a Mercedes CLK driven by Darren Newbury (Keyline) and Andy Cooper (F P McCann) I don’t think there are too many people surprised that a grey car was chosen!


Another pair of newbies now, and our second Mercedes SLK. Scott Kilmer and Mark Hadwick from Keyline are joining the rally for the first time. From the look of Scott’s photo there, some cosmetic work being done before stickers are applied. What you might not know is that this is their second SLK! The first decided it didn’t like retaining fluids!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 12.10.33

Lastly for this first installment are the guys from Polypipe, Steve Smith & Phil Rotheram. This will be Steve’s 7th Rally and as such he finds himself in the veterans class and Team Captain (Old Money) for the first time. Their chosen car…yes you guessed it, a Mercedes CLK. Loving the wrap on this one, champagne, gold bars & coins. If you were wondering why there’s a lycra clad guy in the photo, that because for the last 5 years Polypipe has also supported the rally and Prostate Cancer UK by taking on a cycle challenge at or near the rally destination. This year is no exception so wish the guys luck and they will join us for the party in Monte-Carlo. You can sponsor the cycling team here


Keep sharing your photos and I’ll feature you in the next blog.


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