It’s June!

4 weeks today and we will be on-route from our luxury campsite near Culoz to our party destination in Monte-Carlo.

With that in mind here’s just a few things to consider in the coming weeks.

MONEY – we need more! Keep pushing your fundraising as following a tot up of all the JustGiving pages and sponsors pledges we are still some way off reaching our target. If you have collected money offline, be sure to either add that to you total on JustGiving (by clicking on edit your page) or dropping me an email.

18th June – this is the earliest date you should apply for your driving license sharing code as they only last for 21 days. You can do this really easily online by visiting the DVLA Website you will need your driving license number, your National Insurance number and Postcode to generate your code.

Dartford Crossing – remember to get your rally car registered for this to avoid getting a fine on your return.

French Vignette Crit’Air – you may be aware that France has introduced some clean air zones which either bans or restricts cars entering certain areas at certain times. The good news is we have designed the route with this in mind. You don’t have to buy a permit…however…if you get badly lost you could find yourself in trouble. It looks like there are fines of around €60 for failure to comply, a good incentive to stick to the route!

T-Shirts – for newbies to the rally who are perhaps worrying about what to pack we have some great news, the official Rally T-Shirts have arrived and are included in your entry fees. We have enough for 3 per person and have sizes from Small up to XXXL (we have found that they do come up about one sizes smaller so if you are usually L consider taking an XL etc). These will be available for you to collect at the start line in Northampton and then later on in the waiting lane at Dover.

The design this year is in keeping with the spirit of the original Monte-Carlo Rally.

Rally 2018 T-Shirts being modeled by Waheeza & SJ


Next blog will be another great review of part of the route.



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  1. The Culoz campsite is not luxury…..


  2. Nice Tee shirts !


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