Camping. AKA Tenting

One of the things that make taking part in the rally both so much fun yet also horrific are the campsites that we’ll stop at along the way.

I have to say the 2017 rally did not fail to deliver on both fronts!

Night 2 we camped in Andorra…several thousand feet up in the mountains. The campsite was great, we virtually had the place to ourselves and the town was only a short walk away. So far so good.


Great spot in the mountains of Andorra…just bloody cold!


Most people turned in around 11 and there were a few comments that it was getting quite cool. Well, let’s just say that by morning people had taken to sleeping in every item of clothing that had brought with them and before any of the cars could leave, windscreens needed scaping!

On to our next campsite…much warmer, nice location by the sea…concrete pitches for tents and a force 10 gale to contend with. We tied our tents to our car and hoped for the best!


Anyone got a drill to pitch the tents?


This year we have been out and recce’d the campsites. Any complaints should be directed to Nick Smith and Waheeza!


Campsite for 2018 approved!


Talking of Waheeza…a few years ago she wrote this very useful piece on camping for virgins…I thought it was worth re-visiting:


2016 will be my fourth year on the rally and the one thing that I fear the most is the camping. Unisex showers, toilets with no loo roll, freezing cold damp tents and no way of styling my hair – the stuff of nightmares…

I’ve had some very interesting experiences over the last three years and some of the lowlights have been:

  • Waking up thinking a rat was in my tent and being too scared to look
  • Going for a shower to be able to hear male colleague having a chat in the cubicle opposite
  • Stephen James catching me getting a clean bra out ready for the showers
  • My boss seeing me in my pyjamas… not ideal

As we are such a friendly group, be prepared to have all sorts of tricks played on you! One year, I emerged in the morning to find that drunks had piled a mountain of chairs and boxes outside the door making me trip over and almost drop my clean clothes in the mud whilst chucking it down with torrential showers.

Nothing compared to last year when I woke up to discover a dirty pair of men’s y-fronts by the driver’s door of our car…. Evidence below!


So for anyone who has yet to experience the rally, here’s a list of my essentials to bring:

  • Insect repellant
  • Air bed, pump and sleeping bag
  • Toilet roll/wipes
  • Shower/toilet shoes – I ALWAYS forget these and live to regret it
  • Good pyjamas especially when sharing a tent
  • Torch
  • Mallet (be careful not to bend the tent pegs, especially Stephen James’)
  • Something warm for the morning
  • Padlock for the tent zip to stop any unwanted guests coming in

As much as I dislike camping and would never choose to do it myself, I’ve had a great time with my fellow rally goers and the giggles and money raised for Prostate Cancer makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks for that Waheeza…those pants seem to follow you around!

Feel free to share some of your best and worst rally campsite stories below!


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