Who wants to be a Millionaire (Rally driver)?

This is the ninth amazing year that Keyline will have supported Prostate Cancer UK and through your amazing spirit and generosity, you’re only 50 hours, 2,000 miles-ish and a few rewarding drinks away from raising £1 million! 

You have endured right-hand driving, countless corners, relentless repairs, windy tent construction, shonky map reading, sleep deprivation and terrible road-side snacks in the process. Keyline are our biggest corporate partner and it’s thanks to every one of you, who has ever taken part, donated, made the packed lunches, cheered from the end of phone lines and have helped in every breakdown, we really couldn’t do our work without you. You are helping to save men’s lives. So, thank you! 

Not only are you all raising tremendous sums of money towards invaluable research to help us achieve this, but also through the partnerships with your fantastic sponsors, you are raising a priceless amount of awareness. Men don’t generally talk about prostate cancer so the kind of awareness you are generating is invaluable for the cause. 

Thanks to your support over these past years we have been able to step up investment into research for better diagnosis, better treatment, and better prevention, as well as campaigning for better support for men and their families. 

We spoke to one of our research team, who has this message for you:

“Prostate Cancer UK donors and fundraisers mean absolutely everything to our research because without them it wouldn’t be happening. I’d like them to know how much of a difference it makes, and that things are happening and we are making progress…, just knowing that they’re supporting us inspires us to continue with what we’re doing”             

Dr Jennifer Munkley, Prostate Cancer UK Travelling Prize Fellow 

Whether you’re a rally driver, a wife, a partner, a Keyline supplier, the support crew or just shouting them a well-earned pint when they return. It’s important to remember, that whilst this event is incredibly fun, we should be sharing the facts about Prostate cancer too. 

Sadly 1 in 8 men and 1 in 4 Black men are affected meaning it is likely we will all know someone in our lifetime that will be affected. Did you also know, that prostate cancer has now overtaken breast cancer as the third biggest cancer killer?

Here’s a handy link to help you understand what prostate cancer is: https://youtu.be/Bs4zv6TwhYw

And some useful contact details:

So… who will be the first Millionaire car to cross the line in Monaco? Who has the fastest foot first? Who will win the best fancy dress prize, in their Pimp my ride style? Who will suffer the worst seasickness on the crossing and who will endure the worst hangover of the trip?…

Ultimately you are all winners to us, helping us to stop Prostate cancer being a killer and save men’s lives and we can’t thank you enough.

Good Luck and don’t forget to share our link far and wide to the Just Giving Page…


See you at the start!

Tamarin and Will

Prostate Cancer UK Team


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