Unsung Heros

There are quite a few people involved in getting the rally together each year, the organising committee, the catering corps, the mechanics and the sponsors.

All of these get a shout out on the rally to thank them for their efforts and show a bit of appreciation for their contribution, rightly so.

It was brought to our attention a few weeks ago that there is one contributor that tends to be forgotten. In fact, I can’t recall a big shout out being made in their direction to thank them, a massive oversight on our part as without their input, some things would never happen.

Right at the beginning of the Keyline Rally, our first trip to Monaco, they took a call, were asked to support us and they came through, with 3 of Mercedes shiniest vans for the support crew.

Every year that get that same call and always support us by lending us 3 vans for our little European jaunts, without which you would be seeing Mechanic Matt huffing and puffing down the Route Nationale 36 while dragging a toolbox, or even worse, Chef Steve from Stanley would have to sleep under the stars.

A huge thanks to the team at Intercounty Truck & Vans for their continued support and answering every one of our requests with an emphatic yes. Apart from that Time Dave Gardner asked for a 5.5l V8 AMG Sprinter, where the answer was a quite understandable, ‘you what?’

So, if you have a need for any Mercedes badged commercial vehicles, from a Citan to a Sprinter, a X-class to an Actros, you could do worse than asking Friends of the Rally, Intercountry for their help and expertise.

Just don’t ask them to loan you three vans during the last week of June.




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  1. Mark Meekings May 3, 2018 — 2:12 pm

    Thanks inter county for your support
    Mark Meekings @ Marshalls CPM


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