Keyline Rally 2017: The Movie

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, (not) nominated for Best Picture at the Canne Film Festival, (not) nominated for a special award at the Sundance Film Festival and (not) nominated for a Best Score, Best Supporting Actor or Best Use of Special Effects at the Oscars, its the Keyline Sci-Fi Rally movie.

Following its global premier at the prestigious Keyline Conference held last week in Las Milton Keynes, the film literally everyone that went on the rally has been waiting for is now on general release.

The premier received a great reception, with audiences engrossed for the duration and greeting the ending with rapturous applause.

So, without further ado, apart from the (fabricated) quotes that follow this sentence, enjoy the next 10 minutes, BTW make sure you have sound on:

Moorsy, Marshalls – “I got him from daaawwwwn me mum’s ouse, a quick squirt on the old motorway, then a fabulous getaway, great vid me ole mucka”

John Carter, Clark-Drain – “well, what a fantastic video, brought a tear to my eyes”

Paul Beaman, Keyline – “you want me to do that? whats this tenting Steve from Klargester is talking about?”

Keyline “Sci-Fi” Rally 2017 from SGR Marketing on Vimeo.


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