Happy New Year!

We hope that you have had a great Christmas and new year, now welcome to 2018, the year of the Millionaires Rally, the year that the 9th Keyline Rally will happen, the year in which we will have raised over £1m for Prostate Cancer UK.

Its going to be a pretty big year then!

Hopefully now we are halfway through the winter you are looking forward to an amazing few days touring down to Monaco and back for the rally, with some stunning countryside and big mountain scenery to enjoy along the way.

Between now and then, there is much to do, many cars to be prepared and many funds to be raised.

On that subject, a quick reminder. We ask that each of the cars raises £1000 for PCUK, their commitment to the rally. Most people do this using sites like Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving, if you do, please can you let us know your page, add yourself to the Keyline Rally team and then it makes it a whole lot easier to track the total raised by you all and see the difference that we make to the charity.

On the subject of cars, a subject close to my heart and too close to my wallet for my wife’s liking. Not everyone has their car yet, which brings up my very favourite pastime, searching well known used car advertising websites and the king of them all, a well known auction site that sounds like Tebay without the T.

Participants that turn up in cars that are under the £1500 vehicle budget are furnished with massive respect and many points for the Rally challenges. Here is a little something to inspire, dip your toe into the world of cheap motoring and embrace the feeling of trepidation and elation that comes with using a car with questionable ability to do the journey and actually making it to Monaco and back:

Hey Moneybags, fancy an exotic Italian sports car: a little exotic Italian

British luxury at its best, acres of leather, a forests worth of wood panelling: God Save The Queen!

Every London/Rome based millionaire has a city car to negotiate the narrow streets of the capital: Maybe this is the Italian version of the Aston Martin Cygnet

Its based on an American Classic, and if you squint at it from a distance, its gold: Boo Yah, Hoo Rah, Yee Haa, and other such vulgar shouty Americanisms

Big engine, check, a genuine luxury car, check, matte black bodywork like all those Premiership footballer cars, check: Commonly seen in Alderley Edge & other footballer inhabited areas

Another Italian, as the greatest supercars of all time are, plus it is red with shiny alloy wheels: è bellissimo, come una vera vita Ferrari

You can’t talk about luxury cars without looking towards our mighty Teutonic cousins: the Bavarian Bruiser  and the unkind might call it a Berlin taxi


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