Welcome to the Millionaires Rally

The news everyone has been waiting for, it’s finally here, ready your diaries, polish off your finest of glad rags and join us for the 2018 Keyline Millionaires Rally

2018 will mark the 9th edition of what quite simply is the greatest 5 days of the year, the Keyline Rally. 9 years is a long time for an event like this to run, quite an achievement I think you’ll admit.

But next year will bring about an even bigger achievement, a major milestone in the history of the rally. Based on our usual level of fundraising, in 2018 we will hit the big one, the massive one, the Millionth one.

In case that didn’t make enough sense, in 2018 the Keyline Rally will have raised over £1 million for Prostate Cancer UK.

That’s right, the Rally will have raised over £1 million.

More to the point, the rally entrants across all 9 editions have raised over £1 million for Prostate Cancer UK.

Not only will we have raised a massive amount of money, we will have raised a massive amount of awareness too, without a doubt saving many lives while we have been trundling around Europe in our old jalopies.

Now for the important bits that you all really need to know:

The date, Wednesday 27th June 2018 out of Northampton, returning on Sunday

The theme, it could only be one thing, Millionaires. Break out the tux, style your cars with a bit of ‘bling’, maybe even wear a monocle if you are ‘old money’.

The destination, it can only be one place, in honour of the very first rally, the home of the indulgent, the opulent, the wealthy, Monaco.

If you want to be part of the Keyline Rally making history then put the dates in your diary and click here to complete the entry form and we will see you very soon.

See the full Keyline Millionaires Rally 2018 – Invite Pack for more information or get in touch with Steve Riggens on steve@sgrmarketing.co.uk or Stephen James on stephen@silver-jet.co.uk


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