More of this years entries

A few more entries to have a look at before we embark on an epic trip across Spain & France (via Andorra)

  1. First up we have one of our fantastic support teams. This year we are joined for the first time by James Gardner & Matt Parkinson. Both are mechanics by trade and regularly marshal and support rallies. It’s fair to say they guys have just about every eventuality covered and have created this fantastic “International Rescue” vehicle…Thunderbird 2. What I want to know is which of the guys is Virgil!


  2. Next up is James & Mark from Keyline in the BMW Z4 (minus point for being over budget there guys!) This will be James’s second rally and Mark’s first. Do you think the beemer transforms into a people carrier to carry all there luggage!!

    Optimus Z4



    Next we have the Jefe de Rally’s car, the mighty Millenium Falcon piloted by Dave Gardner (DG) as Hans Solo and his co-pilot Paul Hodgkinson from Wienerberger. I have to say for a space ship that is mostly round the Landrover Disco might seem like an odd choice but having seen the photos it does work! This will be DG’s 3rd rally and Pauls 2nd. With the weather forecast looking like lots of rain we might need a tow from the ‘Falcon to get us out of the campsite!IMG_20170625_191511IMG_20170625_191452IMG_20170625_191426

    Don’t worry if your cars not been featured yet…I will have plenty of time on the ferry to make sure everyone makes it on the blog!


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