A true rally legend

If you’ve been on a Keyline rally before you will no doubt remember BORISE the little pink Mini.

What you might not realise is that BORISE (and his owner Nick Smith) have been on all but the very first rally. Actually thats not entirely true…Nick was on the first rally but was part of the catering team!

Here’s a bit of BORISE history:


Yes folks, BORSIE was in fact red when Nick purchased him in 2011 for the sole purpose of charity fund raising for cancer charities.

Purchased on eBay as a basket case it looked OK (ish) but really was in such a state that it should have gone off to the scrap yard!

Next job was to crack on with immediate issues and repairs then get a paint job done.BORISE2

Rally no. 1 – The Italian Job (what else!)


Rally no. 2 – The Thunderball – Minor issue with a gaping

hole in the rad I seem to remember!BORISE4

Next up, The Jukebox Rally to Barcelona (BORISE is a bit of a chick magnet;))BORISE5

2013 he made his way to Germany on the 80’s themed K-Team RallyBORISE6

2014 was the epic trip across the Alps and on to Lake Como for the Sound of Musicals rally


Last year BORSIE’s transformed into Superpig for the Superhero rally to St Tropez. This was a truly epic drive for Nick as his co-driver let him down with just days to go. Nick then drove the whole rally solo!!BORISE8

And so on to this years Sci-Fi Rally where Superpig has turned to the dark (pink) side and become Pork Vader.BORISE9

Good luck to Nick & co-driver MJ may the force be with you!



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  1. Borsie’s and Nick – Both Legends of the Keyline Rally


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