The line up continues…

Here’s some more of this years great entries to the Keyline Rally:

  1. I have a feeling this may be the quickest car on this years rally…I also think it may be worth a touch over the £1000 limit! Waheeza (veteran of 4 rallies) & Sam (a rally virgin) will be driving this stunning looking Honda s2000. Their theme…The Hunger Games…watch out at the BBQ Andy & Steve;) 

    2.  A first time entry here from the team at PMW Communications. I’m not quite sure the Daimler has the lines of the DeLorean  but nevertheless that wrap looks fantastic. A warm welcome to Peter & Peter and remember guys, 88MPH is likely to result in a speeding fine!!Keyline Rally 2017 - Daimler Time Machine

    3. Next up is a favoured car for the rally, the Mazda MX5. This beauty is driven by Mark & Noel and CPM and Milton respectively. Make sure your brake pad are in good order guys, the last MX5 on the rally ha to shell out over €200 for a set in France!cpm

4. Another all girl team here in what looks like the Clark-Drain Millennium Falcon! This will be Sarah’s first rally an Pippa’s second I believe. A top-tip from a former employee ladies…don’t lock you keys in the boot or I’ll be along with my crowbar:)

If you want to be featured in the final line up blog, get your photos to steve@sgrmarketing by the end of the week.





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  1. No chance, Borise will have the Honda


  2. silverjetinsight June 22, 2017 — 11:46 am

    I’m willing to bet the MR2 will be snapping at the heels of the S2000 on the mountain roads.

    Do I get a go in this one Waheeza?


  3. Have a great trip and stay safe


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