The line-up so far…

The pictures are coming in thick and fast now…here’s a round-up of some of the cars and themes so far, ranked in no particular order:

  1. The Martians (guess that’s Paul Mass & Gary Smith) are looking forward to a “Smashing” Rally. 10/10 for sticking to the rules with your car…that will help your team score. Paul, Gary & the car are all rally virgins so please be gentle with them:)GS2
  2. The guys (Chris Green & Graham Barton) at ACO never disappoint. Now considered rally veterans, they are team captains for the first time this year. Following them should not be an issue with this great looking van….some sneaky product branding included! This will be the vans 4th outing having previously been the A-Team van, Singing ’bout the Rain and last year the Turtles transport of choice.Acovan
  3. Polypipe have decided to ditch the Mini this year and have gone for a Star Wars themed drop top. Steve Smith (who has been on at least 5 of the previous rallies) is this year joined by Phil Rothram. I’ll be interested to see if they managed to buy the Merc on budget…I feel minus points coming on! May the force be with you!Polypipe
  4. Steve(thats me) & Stephen are once more taking the MR2 this year. It was bought originally for the Sound of Musicals rally back in 2015 but unfortunately managed to snap a cambelt in the week before. This meant I pinched my wifes GT86 for the trip…not a bad swap and the aircom was welcome. This year the MR2  becomes the starship Enterprise…specifically Enterprise D from The Next Generation.IMG_3543[1]
  5. No pictures in the wild yet but this entry from Marshalls will surely look a bit Flash! Dave Moors is this year joined by Ross Munro, Dave has been on 3 previous rallies all in a lovely old Merc with the bounciest seats I’ve ever sat in!marshalls
  6. Finally for todays blog we have a car from long-time rally supporters Kingspan-Klargester. They have been a sponsor for many years but have entered a car for the first time. They tell me that their Astra will comfortably be the fastest car out there..hummm…unless they have fitted Hyperdrive I think they may got their MPH & KMH a bit mixed up! A warm welcome to Steve Murphy & Chris Yeates.Klargester

If you want your car featured in the next blog please send your pictures to



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  1. Yes, the aircon was most welcome! #ambulance 🙂

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