2 weeks and counting!

Not long to go now folks. Hopefully you preparations are going well?

I’ve had a few questions over the last few days and thought I would share as the answers may be helpful to others.

  • Q. As my car has passed it’s MOT it’s ready for the rally, right?
  • A. Not necessarily, the MOT just means it meets the standard to be on the road. The MOT won’t mean that your oil & coolant is topped up, brake pads have enough wear left or your tyres have enough tread for 2000 more miles. People have made this mistake in the past and it can be costly….try finding a set of brake pads for an MX5 in the middle of France! If in doubt, get your car to a local garage for a health check.
  • Q. Can I now apply for my driving licence check code?
  • A. Yes, these are valid for 21 days so get applying.
  • Q. What about the low emissions zones in Europe?
  • A. Don’t worry, we are not going through any of the cities where these apply.
  • Q. Can I get Euros on the ferry?
  • A. Yes, but you are better of getting them beforehand as the commissions rates are not great onboard. 

Finally, remember why we are all doing this. Now is the very best time to be getting sponsorship. We are counting on you all to help us get to our £100k target. If you have not done so already please let me have your fundraising page details.

See you all very soon.


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