Route Highlights – #3



The N260, also know as Eje Pirenaico (Pyrenaean Axis) is one of if not the longest roads running through the Pyrenees. Starting in Jaca in the West, it stretches over 300 miles to the Mediterranean coast at Portbou.

The road is connected by the N152 as featured in Highlights #1 and is in the process of being upgraded (so expect a few delays for construction work)

One reason for choosing to use the N260 on the rally is that it passes through and over many Collado’s (mountain passes), some of the more famous ones include:

  • Collado de Foradada (1,020m)
  • Coll de Espina (1,407 m)
  • Coll de Fadas (1,470 m)
  • Coll de Creu de Perves (1,325 m)
  • Port del Cantó (1,725 m)

Another interesting fact is the road has been used for stages of the Tour de France, most recently just last year when stage 9 rode the stretch between Sort & Adrall including the climb up Port del Canto!



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  1. Real bandit country. This is where Dart Vador and the dark side may be lurking. Have the light sabers at the ready.

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