Navigation Aids

As you will be well aware of by now, Sat Nav systems are strictly prohibited on the Keyline Rally!

I therefore thought you might like a bit of help in choosing the right road atlas for the job. The reason I say this is last year a couple of the first timers ended up buying atlases that were less than useful and consequently got a little bit lost at times.

The one I would recommend is the Philip’s Multiscale Europe road atlas. Its available in A3, A4 and A5 sizes. I would say bigger is better so go for the A3 version. The spiral binding is also more useful than the glued type (you can keep it open on the page you need easier)


Amazon have them for sale at just under £10 but I’m sure you will find them elsewhere

Philip’s Multiscale Europe

If you want something a little more detailed for the Pyrenees then you could consider the National Geographic Adventure Map of The Pyrenees & Andorra. The extra detail include things like viewing points and more altitude markers.

It’s a bit less user friendly being the “old fold out and never go back again” type but the pages have a plastic coating and are water/tear proof.


Again Amazon sell these for £8.99

National Geographic Adventure Map of The Pyrenees & Andorra

It’s worth remembering that when the organisers plan the routes and translate them into the town to town direction you will receive at the start line, the Philip’s road atlas is used. Last year many people found that the towns they were looking for were not listed on their map!



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  1. Or it may just to be easier to follow one of the other team and hope they have a good navigator.


  2. What’s a navigation aid?


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