Route Highlights – #1

N152 (N260 on some maps)


On Friday we get to drive on one of Jeremy Clarkson’s favourite roads, the N152 between Queixans and Ribes. This road is 28 miles of turn after turn action running along the edge of the Serra de Satlegue.

Also called the Collada de Toses, you will need to take care on this road because a mistake will lead to an encounter with a wall of rock or worse, over the edge of a steep cliff! As if that’s not enough to contend with, Sheep, Cows and even Horses have been know to wander at random into the road.

If you want to enjoy the scenery then pull over at one of the stopping places…I guarantee this road will put a smile on your face:)

Next up – The Road of the Year



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  1. Steve, This is an awesome stretch of road. Can’t wait to take an old Landrover (The Millennium Falcon) with hyperdrive along the route.

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