How’s the fundraising going everyone?

Now is the time to really start and push for sponsorship and if you have not done so already make sure you have a JustGiving page setup. JustGiving is the easiest way for your sponsors to donate, payments can be made by credit card or text and the monies go straight to Prostate Cancer UK. As an extra bonus, if you are a UK taxpayer you could add 20% to the donation via Gift Aid.

Not sure how to set up a page? Here’s how:


  1. Click on the JustGiving logo above
  2. Under Charity, click on Start Fundraising
  3. In the search box type “prostate cancer” and press search
  4. Select Prostate Cancer UK
  5. Select Personal Challenge
  6. Under event type select “something else”
  7. In the event name include “Keyline Rally 2017” – this helps us find the page.
  8. Choose you web address for your page
  9. Click create your page
  10. Once your page is created you can join the Rally Team page by clicking here

Thats it!

If you are struggling for any reason to set up a page, let me know and I can either talk you through or set up a page on your behalf.




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  1. Steve,
    Great note. I’ve set mine up (with the help of Clare to be honest). Come on everybody we need all the money we can raise for a great cause.

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