Swimming Pools & Speedos

Right, lets get the boring bit out of the way…we need your entry fees! It’s that time when I need to start nagging, if you have not already paid could you please do so by Friday the 31st. It’s as we get in to April that the bills start to arrive and we are really short on entry fees so far.

Now the good stuff:

Hotels – Booked

Campsites – Booked

Ferries – Outbound Booked

Party – Nearly booked

Route – Sorted

Catering – Sorted

Vehicle Support – Sorted

As you can see we’ve been very busy since the last update, not only that but we have two changes with the organisers. Firstly, I am sad to announce that I will be leaving Keyline at the end of March 😦 However my new business, SGR Marketing Limited has kindly agreed to carry on organising this years event on behalf of Keyline at no charge.

The other change is that we now have Dave Gardner (Regional Director for the North) on board as the Keyline lead. Expect a call or visit if you are late with entry fees! Welcome Dave!

Still with me? I suppose I better explain the title of this blog post. Whilst booking one of the campsites I noticed a little nugget in their description:


Mine have been purchased and I tried them on last night…photos on request only:)





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