Ola and Bonjour!

Hello everyone and welcome to the launch of The Sci-Fi rally.

[Captain Kirk voice On] This will be the voyage of the Keyline Rally. Its 5 day mission: to explore new Spanish roads, to seek out fresh croissants and new coffees, to boldly go where no Keyline Rally has gone before.

The final details of the 2017 rally are yet to be confirmed, but we can give you a sneak peek into the next instalment of the Keyline Rally.

Once again it is in support of Prostate Cancer UK, a charity that exists to increase awareness of one of the biggest killers of men, providing support to them and their families and to help them Live long and prosper.

The planned voyage begins in the port of Portsmouth on the overnight Ferry to Santander in Spain, followed by two days traversing the Pyrenees with an overnight stop in Andorra. Another night on the Mediterranean coast precedes the return trip to Calais, via the Le Mans region.

Our traditional party night of Friday is taking shore leave this year, taking up its position of Saturday night.

Once again, the scenery and driving is set to be spectacular, so if you weren’t thinking of making the trip this year, once you see what is ahead of us, resistance will be futile.

Between now and the departure date we will be regularly hailing on all frequencies (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc), sharing more details as we have them and helping keep everyone going with their essential fundraising.

It will be another great year for the rally, once again on target to raise over £80,000 with you and your sponsors support.

But for now, all that is left to say is to the organisers, Set a course and Make it so.


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