Day 3: Vizille to St Tropez

Our superheroes and villains are on their way to St Tropez! They set off at 7am this morning and are near Bigny. They plan to reach St Tropez in a few hours.

Altogether, today’s drive will take them around 8 hours!

Here’s a little more about the route they are on and a few photos. Keep a look out for their St Tropez arrival!

Vizille – La Mure – Chauffayer – La Rochette – Chorges – Espinasses – Selonnet – Le Vernet – Beaujeu – Digne – Chateauredon – Castellane – Escragnolles – Grasse – Cannes – Le Trayas – Frejus – Sainte Maxime – St Tropez!! (woohoo!)

IMG_0845 2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000023 2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000021 2016-06-24-PHOTO-00000020 IMG_3176 IMG_3181 IMG_3178 IMG_3175 IMG_3174 IMG_3165



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