Day 2: Soissons to Vizille

The teams spent their day yesterday driving through sunny France from Soissons where they stayed on Wednesday night to Vizille where they camped last night.

As you know, they aren’t allowed to drive on the motorways as that would be too easy! So here’s the route they took and the towns they drove through as well as a few photos on their way.

Soissons – Reims – Troyes – Dijon – Bourg-en-Bresse – Amberieu-en-Budey – Rossilon – Chambery – Les Vassaux – Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse – Sappy-en-Chartreuse – Vizille


2016-06-23-PHOTO-00000001 2016-06-23-PHOTO-00000003

2016-06-23-PHOTO-00000002 2016-06-23-PHOTO-00000004

2016-06-23-PHOTO-00000005 2016-06-23-PHOTO-00000006


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