Update on driving conditions from Stephen James

Hi everyone,

I’ve just got back from a few days in Italy, last years route was so good I had to give some of it a go again on my way over to Lake Garda, while finding some great roads on the way back.

You will have seen and heard a lot about what is going on in France over the last few weeks, here is my take on what to be aware of.

The petrol strike. Everything seems to be fine now. On the main routes the stations are all advertising their prices so we shouldn’t face any issues with getting filled up. All fuels seemed to be available, including Super Unleaded. The only downside, petrol isn’t as cheap as here.

Rain. France is very wet, absolutely soaked. While Paris was hitting the headlines with flooding, it seems to be all the low lying land near rivers that is rather wet. It mostly isn’t an issue, with us being on tarmac, but I did see a couple of areas where rivers had burst their banks and flooded the surrounding fields. Not that anyone plans on crashing off the road, you need to be especially careful as some areas I saw were under several feet of overflowing river.

Euro 2016 traffic. The roads away from the main cities didn’t seem to be too bad in terms of traffic, so hopefully there won’t be too many hold ups as we are going to be away from the major football centres.

The weather for me wasn’t great, lots of rain, maybe the sun will shine for us next week.

See you all next week.

Stephen James

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