Feeling Glam While Camping

Camping can quickly become a girl’s worst nightmare. In theory, the idea of being amongst nature sounds like the peaceful escape, but in reality the lack of showers, toilets and well, any sort of civilisation is enough to set the alarm bells ringing.

But with the right amount of help you can get the dream camping trip you have been hoping for. It’s all about the preparation. Here are some tips and tricks that can keep you feeling fresh on the journey.

Dry shampoo is your best friend. It keeps your hair looking clean and luscious in those moments when you don’t have any other options. Make sure you spray it outside of the tent though, maybe hang a mirror from a guy rope on your tent whilst you’re getting ready. Plaiting your hair can be another great way to keep your hair fresher for longer. It keeps it out of the way and can make some great natural curls if you plait it whilst wet.

Whilst we’re on the subject of keeping clean and fresh, baby wipes are your answer. They’re a great way to keep clean in between showers and personally, I think they smell pretty decent too. Carrying a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel is always a good idea too, it means you’re always prepared if the facilities let you down.

Next in the bag has to be the bug repellent. Being in the outdoors means you’re surrounded by every bug you can imagine. Unfortunately, that’s not something that you can escape but insect repellent can certainly limit the damage.

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Don’t worry about what you look like. No matter who you are camping with, the joys of being outdoors means you don’t have to worry about looking perfect. It’s one of the only times that you can get away with the comfy look.

Keep things light but always pack layers. The one thing that can ruin any camping trip is the weather. Tents can be sun traps or freezers, so make sure you’re prepared for both.

Make the most of that shower or bath before you go. The day you leave is the best time to have a super long shower so that you begin the experience feeling great. Leave yourself plenty of time to give your body a pamper.

Forget technology and go back to basics. Being outdoors is one of the best ways to escape reality.  Shutting off from the real world is beneficial in all sorts of ways but it means you can really take in the most of your surroundings. And remember – no sat navs!

Know your comfort preferences. If the sleeping arrangements are what puts you off camping then there are all sorts of solutions to fix it. If you’re willing to spend the money there are all sorts of camp beds and gadgets for you to buy.

If you’re on a budget then simply filling a pillow case with your jumpers can make for a comfier night’s sleep, or grabbing a cheap air bed from the local supermarket. If you know you’ll be a grumpy mess without a good night’s sleep – prepare.

Here are some useful links:

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