Here comes the sun…..

As we all prepare to leave the cloudy shores of the UK for sunnier climates, in the words of Sgt Esterhaus, ‘let’s be careful out there’……

I fell foul of the sun last year and paid the price. Eight hours plus in an open top car is not the same as an afternoon in your garden.

Keep hydrated, which means lots of water all day.  This is fun because you’ve no idea where the next available loo is en route.  All part of the rally experience, and be prepared to use some very odd ‘facilities’!

Take a hat, however ridiculous you think you look in one!  It’s the only shade you can get if the roof’s down.  Whilst you might feel cool with the breeze, the sun is still doing its work, and don’t forget to keep the sun cream topped up too.

It made my first rally experience really difficult and I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I could of.  I’ve a legacy now of office ‘bucket’ jokes that I’ll never live down, and as for chucking up on the roadside in front of your boss, there’s no going back from that one!

Enjoy your rally, have fun, but be aware of the sun.


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