French Fuel Woes

You have probably all heard about this in the press, if not here are some of the facts as of this afternoon:

  • About 50% of all petrol stations in France (that’s about 5000) are reporting that they have partial or total shortages of fuel.
  • The shortages have been caused by striking refinery workers and blockades at 6 of the 8 refineries in France.
  • French riot police have been ordered in today to open up refineries and reports this afternoon are that things are improving.
  • The French government wants the situation resolved especially with the upcoming European Football.
  • Northern France and Paris appear to be the worst affected areas.


I have found this great interactive map that shows the current status.
So, fingers crossed all will be back to normal in a few weeks when we start our journey!

Finally, just a reminder about carrying extra fuel on the ferry (in jerry cans) P&O do not allow cans to be carried either full or empty.




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  1. we could buy a couple of plastic jerry cans and fill them for the route and jettison them before embarking on the ferry – this would give you about 20l reserve – or about 100 miles extra capacity – something to discuss on the forum.


    • Looks like things have improved quite a bit over the weekend….lets hope that’s it now. I think the support guys always manage to sneak a few cans over….useful for when your MD’s XR3i gets filled up with diesel by mistake:)


  2. silverjetinsight May 31, 2016 — 1:33 pm

    I’m off on a drive through France to Italy next week (using most of the route from last year, it was epic after all) so I will feed back on what the fuel situation is like on my way back.


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