Fund Raising

Now that the rally is just four weeks away I’m sure you’re all thinking about how you can raise your pledged fundraising total.

All of you will have pledged to raise a minimum of £1000 per car – a hefty sum! But don’t panic we’re here to help.

We’ve included a handy A to Z guide of fundraising ideas below, some are bizarre, some are good… feel free to comment if you have any more!


  • Auction – have any items lying around? Or why not ask a supplier to donate a prize? Then ask people to bid on it!
  • Afternoon tea – bring in some tea and cake-based goodies to work and ask for donations.


  • Bake off – give Mary Berry a run for her money and organise a bake off in your office.
  • BBQ – everyone loves a lunchtime BBQ! You supply the food, they supply the cash.
  • Book sale – do you have any spare books lying around?  Why not ask for donations?


  • Car boot sale – with this one you can clear out the garage and fund raise!


  • Dinner party – have any friends? Invite them over to sample your culinary delights for a small fee.


  • eBay – similar to the car boot sale you can clear out the garage and/or spare room with this one.


  • Fancy dress day – why not wear your superhero or villain outfit into the office? Send us a photo as proof!


  • Golf day – golf and fundraising? What’s not to love!
  • Give something up – pick something you love (sweets, alcohol, cake), can you last a week?


  • Hiking challenge – challenge yourself to a hike and ask for donations!


  • Ice challenge – do you know how many ice cubes you can fit in your mouth? Find out by asking for sponsorships.


  • Jumble Sale – get rid of all your junk for charity!
  • Jazz night – play a musical instrument? Why not have a bit of a jam, invite your mates and charge a fee!


  • Karaoke – everyone loves murdering a song at karaoke!
  • Keep fit session – ask your colleagues to bring in their PE kit and at lunch go for a run!


  • Loose change collection – there’s bound to be some cash behind the sofa, in the fridge or under the bed. Ask your colleagues to have a look and donate it to your cause.


  • Murder mystery night – fundraising and fighting crime!


  • Night in – get the lads/gals over, some pizza and donate the money you would have spent in a restaurant or pub to your cause.


  • Open garden party – BBQ, beers, babes and fundraising!


  • Poker night – not that we encourage gambling but this could be a very good way to raise money. Why not split the prize pot between the winner and your cause!


  • Quiz – everyone loves a pub quiz. In fact there’s a Keyline Rally Pub Quiz in Northampton on Wednesday 1st June. Email for more info!


  • Raffle – raffle off your unwanted items for cash.


  • Swear box -swearing is a big no no. Why not punish your top swearers by making them put £1 in a jar for every curse word.
  • Shirt 2 Work – where your favourite rugby or football shirt to work and donate a fee for the privilege. Join in with ours on Friday 10th June – send the photos to


  • Tuck shop – buy sweets in BULK. Resell them for  a sweet sweet profit.


  • Unwanted presents sale – exactly what it says on the tin!


  • Volleyball – pop down to your local leisure centre and play some v-ball.


  • Walk to work – ditch the car for the day and don those brand new, unused trainers. You’ll feel better for it.
  • Window cleaning – sponge, bucket, ladder and a collection box is all you’ll need for this one!


  • Xbox tournament – love FIFA? Get a few mates and put a tournament together!


  • Yes day – could you say yes to everything for an entire day? Try it and ask for donations!


  • Zip wire challenge – find your nearest zipwire and challenge yourself to complete it!






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