How to erect a tent

Today’s blog is based on a conversation in the Keyline Commercial office yesterday as it was apparent not everyone knows how to erect a tent (apparently it was just me!) so I thought for those of you who don’t want to admit you’re unsure, I’ll share some great how to guides and videos.

 Click here to view the Wikihow page which has great instructions AND pictures to help.
 Halford’s also have some great information about air tents which you can purchase online

If you’re still unsure, you can always rely on your team captains to help



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  1. How to construct a tent – Excellent instructional information

    Additional Technical Information

    1. before you pitch your tent – look at the direction of slope of the pitch site it should slope slightly downhill

    2. then make sure the door of the tent faces the bottom of the slope – your tent then will not fill up with water.

    3 make sure the flaps of the tent are under the ground sheet and pegged to prevent movement –

    4. If built in groundsheets are on the main tent please ignore 3.

    5. in times of heavy rain a u shaped trench can be dug around the tent to assist drainage – lets hope not!

    6. If in doubt ! – Sleep in the car !

    7. Finally carry a wooden mallet and steel pegs bought easily from Army and Navy Stores.

    Reason – As its likely to be Hot dry weather the ground will be Hard and Standard pegs may not push
    into the hard ground and will bend or break.

    8. Finally Have fun in the sun for a really important charity –

    Thank you – Hope you enjoyed my blog

    Mark Manners
    Stanton – Bonna

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