Useful French phrases

La Belle France

Previous rallies have always meant driving through multiple countries and attempting their language. This year however, (unless you get lost of course) our journey will only take us through la belle France!

To help you on your way in conversing with the locals more fluently, we’ve put together some useful words and phrases for you to perfect before the 22nd June.


For tips on pronunciation, feel free to contact our resident French speaker – Matthew Yates.  Having lived in La France for a year he is completely fluent in speaking and understanding the French.


Phrase French Pronunciation
Turn Left tournez a gauche tourn-ay ah goash
Turn Right tournez a droite tourn-ay ah dwat
Straight on tout droite too dwat
Roundabout rond point rohn p-wah
The second right la deuxieme droite la duh-zi-em dwat
The second left la deuxieme gauche la duh-zi-em goash
Where is the campsite? Ou est le camping? ooh-ay le comp-ing
We are lost! Nous sommes perdus! noose somm pear-dues
Can you show me on a map how to get there? Pouvez- vous me montrer sur une carte comment y arriver? poo-vay vooz meh montray soor un cart comma ee arri-vay
Over there la-bas lah bah

Useful Phrases

Phrase French Pronunciation
Is there a petrol station near here? Est-ce qu’il ya une station d’essence pres d’ici? Es-keh eel-yah oon sta-zion dess-ance preh dee-cee
Is there a garage near here? Est-ce qu’il ya une garage pres d’ici? Es-keh eel-yah oon garage preh dee-cee
How much does this cost?   Combien ca coute? Kom-bee-en sah coot
Do you take credit cards? Vous prenez la carte de crédit? Vooz pren-ez lah cart de cred-eet
Where are the toilets? Ou sont les toilettes? Ooh sont lez twa-lettes
I need a doctor J’ai besoin d’un medicin! Zhay bez-wen dun medi-san
Are you serving food now? Servez-vous maintenant la nourriture? Serv-ez vooz man-tenan lah noor-it-ture
Can you speak a little slower please….. Parler plus lentement s’il vous plait Par-lay plooze lant-i-ment see vooz play
Do you speak English? My French is bad Vous parlez Anglais? Ma Francais est mauvais! Vooz par-lay ung-lays? Mah fran-says est moh-vay
I have traveler’s insurance. J’ai d’assurance voyage. Zhay dassur-ans voy-ahge
Do you sell aftersun? – Vendez-vous après le soleil Ven-days vooz ah-prez sol-ay
We’re raising money for charity. Nous sommes collectez de fonds pour charité! Nooz somm collectays de fonds pour charit-ay
Is it serious? C’est grave? Sest grav
Could you take a photo of us please? Est-ce que vous-pouvez prendre une photo? Es-keh vooz poo-vay prend oon phoh-toh
Sorry Desole Deh-sol-ay
Excuse Me Excusez-moi Ek-sku-zay mwa
Thanks Merci Mer-see
Please S’il vous plait See vooz play
That’s great C’est bon Say bon
Do you have WIFI? Avez-vous le WIFI? Ah vays leh weefee
Can I charge my phone? Puis-je charger mon téléphone Pwee jeh shar-jay mon tele-phon
I do not understand Je ne comprend pas Jeh ney com-prend pah
Can I have the bill please? L’addition s’il vous plait? Ladi-shon see vooz play


Phrase French Pronunciation
Tea with milk Thé au lait Tay-o-lay
With sugar Avec de sucre Ah-vek doo soo-cre
Coffee Café Kah – fay
Fork Fourchette Four-shet
Knife Couteau Coo-toe
Spoon Cuillère Kwee-yeah
Steak,  Well done, medium, rare Bifteck/fillet, bien cuit, moyen, a point Beef-tek/fillay, bee-en kwee, mwah-yen, ah pwen
Chips Frittes Freets
Can I have a beer please? Je prends une bière s’il vous plait. Jeh prondz oon bee-air see vooz play
Still Water Eau minérale Oh min-er-rale
Sparkling Water Eau minérale gazeuse Oh min-er-rale gaz-euhse

Car Related

Phrase French Pronunciation
Tyres Pneus Puh-ner
Spare wheel La roue de secours Lah rou de seh-koors
Brakes Le frein Lah frens
Oil Huile Wheel
Windscreen wipers L’essuie glace Less-ance gla
Car Jack Le cric Leh crick
My car is broken down, help! Ma voiture en panne, aidez-moi! Mah vwa-ture en pan, eh-dez mwa!
Driving licence Permis de conduire Pear-mis de kon-dwire



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