Brexit & Security Advice

Today’s blog is a little more serious in nature. Over the last week or so I have been asked for advice on the subjects of the Brexit vote (due to take place on day 2 of our rally) and the current situation in Calais regarding illegal migrants & security.

Brexit Vote – The EU Referendum

If you are taking part in the rally then unfortunately you wont be able to cast your vote in person. Instead, if you intend to vote you have two options:

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote – you can do this any time at Register to vote. If you have previously registered to vote in elections/have voted this you won’t need to re-register.
  2. Apply to vote by post – Download a postal application form return this by June 8th, you will then receive voting papers in the post that will need returning by 10pm on June 23rd
  3. Vote by proxy – getting someone to vote in person on you behalf. You will need to complete the Proxy Vote Application Form and return it by June 15th.

For more advice, this website is quite useful.

Driving in and around Calais

For up to date information please check out the Government Foreign Travel Advice page.

Although the current situation in Calais is no where near as bad as it was last summer, I would still advise the following:

  • If you are in slow moving traffic, keep your doors locked. If driving a soft-top then consider having the roof up.
  • Try not to leave your car unattended, if you have to, then make sure it is secure.
  • Consider waiting until you are on a main road/motorway before stopping for fuel
  • Be prepared for extra security checks at both Dover & Calais. I travelled to Paris & back by car last November and was security searched 3 times in total, once in Dover and twice in Calais.

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